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Luxury Material Workshop - LMV

carlotta pellizzari

“Luxury Materials Upgrade"
SESSION START : January 2017, 9th - till 13th
DURATION : 1 week - 40 HOURS

Are you a designer, a product developer, a product manager? In Florence, Italy there is an intensive and specialist course-workshop.

Objective: knowledge of different and various materials used in the luxury sector, evaluating technical limits, costs and quality.

For Who: For a Designer, for a Product Manager, for a Product Developer working in the Luxury Industry. The course-workshop is aimed to designers, to product managers who already have a working experience in the fashion world.
The most important goal, during the course, is acquiring knowledge of the main materials used to produce a luxury item.Definition and explanation of the main materials used to produce a luxury item; in depth theoretical study of the materials (leather, fabric, metals, intermediate production techniques and main industrialization methods) in the classroom and visits outside the classroom to producing companies.  

A short and a specialist course, of one week, a study holiday in a city of art, Florence.

It can be also a nice idea if you can let your designer-staff known about our specialist and intensive course as they too might be interested. We have attached the link of our website regarding the course-workshop. Upon request we will send to you the PDF File for subscription.

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